Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rainbow Lake

We added another new trip to our portfolio a couple of days ago...Rainbow Lake...we put in at the bottom of of Clark Wardner Road, carried in to the lake, and paddled up and over to a narrow flow called..."The Flow"

It was a beautiful still day, and we had a great time paddling and enjoying the feeling of a route that we hadn't explored before.

We stopped for lunch on a pretty little island...after lunch, Ben played hide-and-seek with all of us, having a great time despite the lack of hiding places to be found.

Muz and "D" paddled with Marcy, a 15 year-old Lab who is getting stiffer and less comfortable in boats, but still loves coming along for the ride.

After the paddle, Gail grabbed a book while Ben and I did some serious swimming...

...and Zeke parked it on the dock to do his "solar-dog" thing.

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Gran said...

Did I see Ben swimming?