Monday, June 14, 2010

Surprise Boston Trip

I planned a surprise weekend trip out of town, simply telling Gail and Ben to pack a bag each and be ready to go early on Friday morning...

We flew to Boston...they didn't know until we got to the airport at Lake 5:30am on Friday

Ben got to ride up front with the pilot of the plane

We arrived in Boston in time for breakfast and were waiting at the Science Museum when it opened...

It was lots of fun!

This was a cool exhibit comparing the bones of a small dinosaur, a chicken, and an iguana...

We went back to our hotel after lunch for a swim and some reading...

The next morning we went to the aquarium, which was fantastic!

There were dozens of great exhibits and amazing sealife

Ben loved the touch tank

They also had a great exhibit on Jellyfish

That night, we went for sushi at a great place, and Ben and I loved watching the chefs making our food

The next morning, we went for brunch at the harbor, and visited with the seals before eating

They are such beautiful creatures

After brunch, we went to the Franklin Park's a fun little zoo

The gorilla exhibit blew us away...all in all, we had an amazing trip!

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