Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Day in the Life...

As a teacher at Lake Placid Middle High School, I leave for work every morning around 6:30am. There are certainly times that I wish school started later, but I do have a beautiful and traffic-free drive to work.

Donnelly's Corners on 5/9/06...some mornings it takes my breath away...I've had to stop to let a flock (herd, pod, gaggle) of 40 turkeys cross the road in front of me.

On a back road I sometimes take, you can see the sunrise over this little pond...the island is almost entirely taken up by the birdhouse on it.

This is the view from the LPHS parking lot over some of the High Peaks.

I work in the building to the left of the Speed-Skating Oval where Eric Heiden won his 5 gold medals in the 1980 Olympics, up on the 3rd floor looking out over the oval and towards Whiteface. The building "above" the school is the Olympic Arena, where the USA hockey team won that famous game against the Russians...and we sometimes go skating during the winter with the kids from the middle school.

My classroom is the nicest in the building, having started out as the library when the school was originally built, it still has the beautiful wood panelling, and one of the best views in the building. I work with 6th and 12th graders every day, so I get to help kids on their way into and out of the building. I work with a wonderful group of teachers, and know most every student in the building by name.

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