Friday, June 02, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Even loving the Adirondacks as much as we do, it is still great to get away sometimes. Last weekend, we went down to Connecticut, where my parents have a house, and spent the Memorial Day Weekend with my parents, my brother Brad, my sister Sarah, and her girlfriend Cynthia.

They live on a dirt road in the northwest corner of CT, and we took some nice walks along the pretty road during the weekend.

Ben helped my dad mow their lawn, a job that was much more fun, if a little slower, when they worked together.

Ben spent a lot of time reading and playing with his Anti-Sarah, who he loves more than strawberry cocoa...which is saying something!

Sunday started off cool and misty, but soon warmed up, and we had a full and fun day!

We started out at the playground, where Ben ran around, spun around, swung around, and rode a mean froggie.

We stopped off at home to water my mother a bit with a new watering-can before heading out again...

Next, we headed over to a nearby farm owned by some friends, and Ben checked out the source of our breakfast eggs up close and personal...

After chasing the chickens for a bit, Ben had a close encounter with a bunch of very friendly of whom tried to give him a kiss with a hugely long tongue.

On Memorial Day, we went into Cornwall to attend the parade, speeches, and awards. We explained the meaning behind the event to Ben, although he was most impressed by the fire engines in the parade.

We drove back home after a great weekend, stopping just 2 miles from home for one of the oldest rites of summer I can cream at Donnelly's!

The ice cream is creamy, the cones are huge, the view is fantastic, your choice is easy (just the size, the flavor is already chosen for you, based on what day it is). Memorial Day was Pistachio and Vanilla Twist. Ben shared my cone with me, sat on my lap, ran around on the grass, dripped all over his whole body, and loved it!

Everyday when we drive past Donnelly's (which I grew up calling Crystal Springs) he asks me if we can stop for an ice cream...we'll probably have one every week until the close again around Labor Day.

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LaLa said...

Thanks for posting these, Jamie. Everyone around here was wondering what you did in CT; now we know! I like the chicken pic best. LaLa