Saturday, June 03, 2006

One in a long line of rainy days...

I woke up to the sound of steady rain this morning, and the feel of Ben's arms wrapped around my head. He had a nightmare last night, and couldn't be calmed, so he slept with us from about 1:30am. The rain fell all day...not hard, but as if it had always been raining and would always be raining.

Ben and I watched Star Wars (IV...the one I think of as #1) with the lights off..."like in a movie Daddy". When we got to the part when Luke discovers that Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru have been killed by Darth Vader's minions, he very seriously asked me a couple of questions:
  1. are those people dead?
  2. does Luke feel sad?
  3. was it his fault?
Ben's been dealing with the death of 2 dogs he was close to: Juniper and Lucy. He doesn't quite get it, but he is starting to frame his thoughts on the subject. We had a good talk about death and sadness and when bad things happen to people (or dogs) you love. He's having a nap now, and I love him so much that I can feel where he is through all of the walls between us with my brain (sorry for the sappiness).


Anonymous said...

Are you a single parent? You sure are a terrific Dad! That is one lucky little boy you have there...if there isn't a Mom... I would love to volunteer for the job!

Gran said...

I was deeply touched by the raw emotion shown in this blog. I, do, however think for the benefit of anonymous today, you had better introduce Ben's Mom!!!


nature lover said...

oooh, I know the love you felt for your son was with your heart and soul, not with your brain. It was a beautiful sentiment. Never apologize for expressing such love. Not sappy at all.