Thursday, December 03, 2009

Penny, our perfect choco-lab

Gail and I were with Penny this afternoon when she was put to sleep this afternoon.

She had been getting progressively worse for a couple of weeks since her surgery to be spayed. After the surgery, the doctor explained that they had noted substantial amounts of "adhesions" throughout her chest and abdomen. It turns out that these adhesions are somewhat like an immune response gone wrong, where injury to the internals of the dog result in the creation of this tissue.

When the doctor opened her up this afternoon, hoping to correct the issue, he noted that the adhesions had grown back incredibly quickly and densely through her abdomen. He presented the option of emergency surgery to excise all of the tissue, but after we made our decision, he agreed that given the rapidity and aggressiveness with which it had grown back, it seemed like a losing proposition.

Gail and I met at the Vet's, said goodbye to Penny, gave her kisses, and held her while the doctor helped to release her.

She was a sweet, silly, loving, gorgeous, wonderful dog...she loved us and we loved are a couple of pictures of Penny.

Reading with Gail and Ben

At the Lake Clear playground with Ben

On a nice and muddy walk/swim trip with Ben and I

Snuggling with Cedar by Upper Saranac Lake

Swimming and fetching in Hoel Pond

Eating her birthday cake

Sleeping with Ben in the element after a long day of geocaching

Swimming with Maggie and Ripple

With Ben on the day that we picked her up

With Gail at a silly geocaching event

Geocaching with me not far from our home.

I miss her so much, and can't believe that she's gone...she was such a love, and we only had her for 18 months, but it was a gift.


Cousin Kathie said...

I am crying as I write this. Words cannot express my sorrow for the loss of your girl. What cn I say but, that I love you all and will say a prayer for your sweet girl.

Gail said...

I don't know you personally but follow your blog and I want to say that I cried when I read about Penny. I loved your pictures of her and your family. You must be devastated. I'll give my yellow lab an extra hug today.

kathryn said...

I follow your blog to get a little Adirondack Fix...and always enjoyed your I was a little shocked and sad to read about Penny.
She certainly had a wonderful and fun life with your family. I'll miss seeing her on your site...she certainly was perfect.

missy wilson said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Penny. I hope Ben is doing ok and I'm happy to see that you were blessed with a sweet black lab that needed some tending to.

I love the pictures....